World Children’s Day in Kuwait!

It’s World Children’s Day in Kuwait and even though they can be a handful at times (read that as most of the time) we wouldn’t want the world to be devoid of the playfulness and joy that children exude. We all have an inner child and it’s the younger generation that reminds us to relax once in a while and just appreciate being alive!

We figured that kids love to play right? And adults don’t mind a bit of cheeky fun now and then either, so we’ve put together some of our best offers for you to enjoy with a little person in tow.

Promenade Ice: Admission

Estimated Savings: KWD6
Location: Promenade Mall
Our Opinion: Promenade Ice is Kuwait’s premier ice skating facility where you can enjoy all the fun of skating. They also offer comprehensive ice skating programmes, helping you learn basic-to-advanced skating techniques from accredited coaches.  It’s a whole lot of icy fun in the middle of the desert. It’s pretty ‘cool’…

Flow House: Admission

Estimated Savings: KWD6
Our Opinion: Flow House is located within Aqua Park, Kuwait’s largest waterpark. It’s a whole lot of wet n’ wild fun involving surfing and wave rides that are equally fun to watch as well as get involved with. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or a beginner, everyone can have a go and it’s good fun all around for World Children’s Day in Kuwait!

eJoy: Admission

Estimated Savings: KWD10
Location: eMall
Our Opinion: There are a plethora of activities at eJoy, it’s impossible for your kids to say ‘I’m bored!’ here. There are plenty of arcade and video games, a playground and the greatest prize counter ever. They even have the highest contemporary climbing wall in Kuwait for all family members to experience. So what are you waiting for, off you go!

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