The 4 BEST burgers you will find in Kuwait

Your hunt for the best burgers in Kuwait has come to an end…

Whether it’s your hangover cure or you’re a burger fanatic and it’s your mission to try every single one in existence, you can’t deny a juicy burger really hits the spot 9 times out of 10.

They’re so versatile and are a trusty favourite of ours in the ENTERTAINER office. You can have it healthy, piled high with cheese and cheeky extras (we’re looking at you onion rings) or go for something a little of the beaten track…whichever you choose, our top 5 burger joints will not disappoint –

Junkyard – Fahaheel Road 30, Exit 208, The Village

Offer: Burger
Savings: KWD2
Our Opinion: Serving a variety of favourites inspired by street food, the urban decor and mouth-watering offerings make Junkyard one of our favourite places to go for a burger fix. It’s all about simple food done well here and we find ourselves daydreaming about it every now and then – you know it’s good when you can’t wait to go back for more!

Humble Burgers – Fintas

Offer: Burger
Savings: KWD2
Our Opinion: Anything but humble, this burger spot is a fan favourite in Kuwait. The portions are large and you won’t leave disappointed. They even have a veggie burger and we suggest you don’t skip the fries because they’re awesome too!

B&B Navy Burger & Burrito – Sharq Mall

Offer: Master Navy Burger Meal
Savings: KWD3
Our Opinion: Famous for their tacos and burritos, B&B shouldn’t be overlooked for their scrumptious burgers either! A less known place in Kuwait, we highly recommend you take some time to visit them as they’ll soon be your favourite!

Burger Factory – Nuzha Co-op, Street 18

Offer: Main Menu Item
Savings: KWD2
Our Opinion: The factory is well-known for perfecting old favourites and never disappointing when it comes to craving that good old classic beef burger, just the way you like it.

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