Kuwait, Have You Had Enough Of These 5 Things?

With living such busy lives in the city, there are some things we could all do with a little extra help with. And these usually include things that we’ve had enough of doing. Whether that’s planning a dream getaway but never actually booking it, or paying over-the-odds for some amazing clothes, let your ENTERTAINER help you out.

How? Read on!

5 things you’ve had enough of

Dreaming of – but never booking – a well-deserved staycation

Location: Your choice

What if we told you that when you book a hotel through our in-app booking engine, ENTERTAINER getaways, you could save up to 60% off your stay? We thought that might interest you. Where would you like to go? Paris? The Philippines? Or how about Thailand? Make it a reality, now!

Not sure where to visit? Get some inspiration here.

Paying full price for clothes again

Location: Sama Mall, Al Salam Mall

Whether you’re on the lookout for trousers, tops, dresses, shirts, shorts, a handbag, some sccessories, or perhaps a hat – and the list goes on… Men and women of Riyadh, stop paying full price for some fancy wear and accessories, and get saving at Iconic – you’re going to love our Fashion & Retail category just as much as we do. Especially when you can save up to KWD 4 on spends of KWD 20 and above.

Bad coffee

Location: various including Waha Mall and Marina Mall

Feel exhausted? So much so that you need to get that caffeine fix? Thank goodness that A) Seattle’s Best Coffee is here to help, and B) your ENTERTAINER lets you buy two for the price of one, meaning your tired friend can reap the rewards too!

Paying a fortune to keep the kids entertained

Location: Various including The Gate Mall, and Al Salam Mall

When it comes to the weekends, it’s sometimes difficult to know how to keep the little ones busy. Fun City, however, provides kids aged 1-12 a platform for social interaction and active play, within a safe environment. And the best part? With your ENTERTAINER, you can receive 2 for 1 offers on a KWD 2.5 Powercard Cash Credit, meaning it’ll save you some money, too!

Having an intolerance to your favourite food

Location: Sharq

Yes, you may love that rich ice cream from Baskin Robbins or that juicy burger from Junkyard, but if it’s having a negative effect on your health, it may be time to see a professional. Wouldn’t you love to know just what you’re allergic/have an intolerance to? And how about for half the price? With Al Borg Medical Laboratories, and your ENTERTAINER, you can now receive 50% Off a FoodPrint Test, meaning you can find out what’s causing you grief for a lot less!

So, if like us, you’ve had enough of any/all of the above, let your ENTERTAINER make life a little easier…

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