Are you WFH in Kuwait? Here’s your meal plan for the day!

Who else has been staring endlessly at takeout menus and is already bored with their favourite place to order from? Us too. We have a question for you…are you WFH in Kuwait and at a loss for what to eat? When it comes to delivery, it doesn’t have to be boring! It’s not just pizza, Chinese or Indian anymore.

Do you fancy eggs on toast? Or perhaps you’re in the mood for a wrap. ENTERTAINER Delivery has you covered no matter what your stomach is growling for and it’s all just a click away.

We’re going to take the stress out of your delivery frenzy and help you plan your day. That way, you can focus on your work while being nourished and safe indoors.

First up…Breakfast

It’s the most important meal of the day and while you might be sat in your pj’s slurping your coffee and going through your emails, you’ll still need a good kickstart to get you going. So perhaps this is the first solution to what to eat while WFH in Kuwait.

We suggest –

Al Nubalaa Restaurant

Al Naubalaa will bring hearty and delicious breakfast dishes straight to your door. Serving up fresh Manaeesh, grilled halloumi, fresh egg dishes and juices, Al Nubalaa will keep you fuller for longer.

Round 2…Lunch

So you’ve been tapping away, avoiding the TV and getting into the zone while at home. You must be feeling peckish by now and thinking about what’s next on the menu. Lunch is one of our fave meals of the day, so we have to make this one count.

We suggest –

Flip Side

What’s better than a big juicy burger, loaded with toppings. It’s the perfect distraction and the best part is, because you’re at home, you can eat it and get messy and not have a care in the world.

WFH in Kuwait

Next up…Dinner

Right. You’re done for the day and the laptop is officially shut (unless you use it to watch Netflix in bed. In that case, we salute you). You’ve had enough of mustering the motivation to actually work while at home and your family have been driving you mad all day. The only solution is to order a quick and tasty dinner to keep everyone happy.

We suggest –

Pizza Inn

Grab everyone a knife and fork and plop yourself down in front of the telly. The portions are hearty and while you eat, you can enjoy the bliss of peace and quiet as you tuck into yet another fantastic meal delivered straight to your door.

Last but not least…Dessert (or, you know, just snacks)

We know what’s going on and having to stay indoors can be stressful. We’re all feeling a bit wary and on edge and that’s perfectly normal. To help ease the strain of WFH in Kuwait, you might feel like reaching for a bit of chocolate or some cake. If you’re on the same wavelength as us then you’ll agree if you’re going to do that, then do it right.

We suggest –

Konafa Al Sultan

There isn’t a single thing that Konafa Al Sultan does that we don’t enjoy whole-heartedly and when you need a little relief and want to treat yourself, Konafa is the one for the job. Sweet, cheesy and mouth-wateringly good. We can’t wait for dessert now!

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