Kuwait in November: What’s hot this month?!

In need of some ideas for what to do in Kuwait in November? Trying not to freak out about the fact that a new decade is fast approaching? It’s OK, we gotcha! Check out some sweet deals to be found in your app this month and thank us later…


Black Tap: Burger

Estimated Savings: KWD5
Location: 360 Mall, Mezzanine Level, The Gardens
Our Opinion: With décor that harkens back-to-old-school hip hop and pop, Black Tap is a homage to the great American luncheonette experience. The menu features burgers ranging from the classic All-American to The Vegan Burger, along with burger salad options, wings and sides. The wagyu beef Greg Norman Burger won “People’s Choice” at the New York City Wine & Food Festival’s Burger Bash competition in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Its signature CrazyShake® milkshakes have reached worldwide acclaim with their decorations and flavours such as The Cotton Candy Shake.
Top Tip: 
Basically, go prepared and with an empty stomach because everything on the menu is bonkers good and you’ll be a fool to leave without trying one of their insane milkshakes.

kuwait in november


Andiamo: Main Course

Estimated Savings: KWD5
Location: Hyatt Regency Al Kout Mall
Our Opinion: The first thing you notice about Andiamo is the beautiful open kitchen, featuring a brass dome oven. This alone makes for an exciting dining experience filled with theatrics and of course, mouthwatering scents drifting throughout the restaurant. With a large display of authentic Italian products, Andiamo feels lively with an elegant flare.
Top Tip: 
Sit close the open kitchen! It feels like you’re in Italy with the hustle and bustle of the kitchen staff and smell of fresh pizza dough.

Konafa Al Sultan: Medium Qarbat with Cream, Konafa Na’ama with Cream or Ben Nareen with Cream

Estimated Savings: KWD5
Location: Ground Level, Laila Building, Back of Olympia Mall
Our Opinion: We love Kunafa and we don’t realise how much we crave it till we get that first bite. Konafa Al Sultan brings traditional desserts up to modern-day standard with added flavours and toppings that will your tastebuds singing and dancing with joy.
Top Tip: 
Try the chocolate and strawberry kunafa. You will never go back to plain kunafa again. Seriously.


Symphony Dental Clinic: 50% Off Cleaning & Scaling, 50% Off Cosmetic Filling & 50% Off Laser Teeth Whitening

Estimated Savings: KWD5 or KWD20
Location: 1st Level, Building 102, Salem Al Mubarak Street
Our Opinion: No one likes visiting the dentist and if you do, we suggest you seek help. besides that obvious point though we wanted to let you know that a visit to Symphony Dental Clinic is actually not as bad as you’re imagining. The staff are friendly and have your best interests at heart, so go on, be brave. They’re there to help!
Top Tip: 
They have home teeth whitening kits and offers on the app too so if you think your pearly whites might want to test it out before taking the plunge in the chair, then try this option out in Kuwait in November.


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