Want a 90-day VIP subscription to Shahid?

Who doesn’t want a 90-day subscription to Shahid VIP with no effort required this Ramadan?

It’s times like these, cooped up indoors, that we need a little extra help to stave the boredom and you lucky lot are in for a treat.

ENTERTAINER has partnered with Shahid to bring you all the digital entertainment you could want! As a way of saying thank you to our members, we’re going to unlock a 90-day subscription for you.

Why is this good, we hear you say? Well, you don’t have to do anything but sit back and enjoy. In conjunction with the fabulous Shahid, we will be sending eligible members a VIP Key to use. Put your feet up, grab your snacks and start watching.

With Ramadan now in full swing we wanted to give something back. We want to keep you entertained while you are spending more time at home with your family. You might also think that Shahid is full of Arabic-only content…well, here’s where you’d be wrong. Shahid has something for everyone!

Shahid is proud to say they have the best library of exclusive MARVEL and STAR WARS content. They also have an extensive library of classics such as How I Met Your Mother and Family Guy.

These are some of our favourites (classics and new releases) on Shahid to keep you firmly glued to the sofa (you aren’t going anywhere anyway, right?)

Grey’s Anatomy

VIP subscription to Shahid

It’s a long-running US favourite packed full of intense hospital-based drama. Centred around the hectic lives of several doctors in Seattle, Grey’s Is adored by millions of people worldwide. Every episode is ready and waiting for you to get through with your 90-day VIP subscription to Shahid – so grab that popcorn and settle in because there are 356 episodes of action-packed storylines to delve into!


Dave is an American comedy based around a self-obsessed main character. He truly believes he will be the world’s next best rapper. It’s been highly praised across the board and it’s the perfect show to lay on the sofa and enjoy long into the night.

X-Men Dark Phoenix

VIP subscription to Shahid

The most recent in the franchise, X-Men Dark Phoenix is available on Shahid. The X-Men face their most formidable and powerful foe when one of their own, Jean Grey, starts to spiral out of control. It’s action-packed and a fantastic way to entertain you and your family on movie night!


We all love Uber. Fast, convenient and easy to use…but have you ever thought what it might be like to be a driver? Stuber gives you a hilarious, albeit, far-fetched view of what it might be like. No one can say this film isn’t entertaining and you lucky lot will have it right there waiting to be watched at your leisure!

To find out more of what’s on offer and to check out Shahid yourself – click here

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