Top 5 April Fool’s pranks to do at home!

Just because we’re pottering around our homes and working at our make-shift desks these days doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun and partake in April Fool’s pranks.

If anything, looking on the sunny side and playing a few jokes on whoever you are lucky enough to be isolated with, could be just what the doctor ordered.

We do love a good practical joke and doing something a bit out of the norm can spice up your day, keep you entertained (at the expense of someone else of course) and make the day pass that little bit faster.

If you’re in the mood to be a little bit cheeky then keep reading. These are just a few of our ideas but if you come up with something else, post it to Instagram and tag us. We’d love to see what mischief you get up to!

Prank 1 – 

Replace every photo in your house with a picture of Nicholas Cage

There are a plethora of hilarious photos of Mr Cage floating around the internet and quite frankly he’s a legend. We’re actually secretly hoping someone will do this to us because seeing Nick’s face around the house would cheer us up immensely. Here’s a little inspo photo for you…

april fools day

Prank 2 – 

Wrap everything in old wrapping paper

It’s a classic but it’s gold star prank territory. We’ve all set up a temporary work station somewhere in our house. Or you might be lucky enough to have an actual home office. Now just imagine your friend, spouse or sibling, rolling out of bed and blearily rubbing their eyes as they make their way over to their ‘desk’ and see everything wrapped up like Christmas. We’d laugh but we can’t guarantee your victim will. I mean, who doesn’t like opening presents!

Prank 3 – 

Bubble wrap under the loo seat

If scaring people out of their wits is your thing, then this one is for you. Take some unpopped bubble wrap that we’re sure you have from all that online ordering you’ve been doing, and place it carefully under the loo seat. The next unsuspecting person to go in there will get quite a fright when they sit down. You’ll get a good belly laugh from the yells and scrambles that will ensue, we’re sure.

april fools day

Prank 4 – 

Classic spider scare

April Fool’s pranks aren’t complete with scaring someone with a spider. This can be done a number of ways; it just depends on what you have laying around the house. You can either draw a spider on the loo roll or balance a fake spider on top of it and wait for the screams to begin.

april fool's pranks

Prank 5 – 

Veggie chocolates?

This one is evil but you know, anything for a laugh right? Grab some Brussel sprouts, or cut some heads off of some broccoli and dip them in chocolate. Dipped broccoli looks a lot like a Ferrero Roche, FYI. Offer them to your unsuspecting victim and make sure you have a camera ready for that disgusted facial expression that is bound to occur.

april fool's pranks

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