What Your Fave Pizza Topping Says About You

Pizza is the best thing to ever happen to planet Earth and if you disagree we can’t hang out anymore. To really appreciate and celebrate all things glorious about pizza you obvs have to make sure you get specific and order it with your ultimate fave pizza topping. We’ve also discovered during our debated pizza conversations (we have them frequently because as we said, pizza is life) that what you end up choosing actually says quite a lot about who you are. Want to know more?

Oh and if you want to order a pizza by the end of this...check here for ENTERTAINER Delivery options. You know what to…

Here’s what your fave pizza topping says about you:


You prefer the simple things in life. Like a peaceful bike ride along the beachfront, or a leisurely walk in the wild. You also know what you want, and don’t care what people think. It’s your life and you’ll eat that plain Margherita pizza BECAUSE YOU CAN.

pizza topping


You like a little somethin’ extra. You’re still very much in the safe zone when it comes to pizza toppings and life, but every now and then you’ll pick a brighter colour next time you go for a mani. Nothing too crazy though.

pizza topping


My friend, you’re a wild and adventurous burst of energy. A casual afternoon for you includes 4x4 dune bashing, bungee jumping and an extreme trick session at Bounce. Even your ‘low-key’ days are spent with the wind in your hair doing something that requires way more energy than a normal person should have. You’re crazy and we love it.

fave pizza topping


Nah bruh. You have no business putting pineapple on anything pizza-based. Please stop. Ok fine, even though you’re wrong, I’ll tell you what this pizza topping says about you. You’re that fun-loving-but-gets-sad-in-winter kinda person. If it was up to you, every day would be scorching hot; which is why you spend your time sipping on cocktails, surfing, and soaking up the sun.

fave pizza topping


You’re sassy, salty and have a wicked sense of humour. If anyone needs you, they can find you learning from the best and brushing up on your comebacks at the local comedy club. Hey, you are sweet sometimes… but it may take a tub or two of Ice-Cream before you show it.

pizza topping


You live the good life. Because avos are hella expensive! But you also realise the importance of treating yo’self to something nice, like a gourmet meal or full body massage every now and then. Plus, you have the ENTERTAINER, so you end up saving some cash dolla’ anyway.

fave pizza topping


‘Competitive’ is your middle name. Your friends know that no laser tag battlego-kart race or a round of bowling is just for fun when you’re around. And when you win – because you will win – the rest of your day is spent celebrating with a smug look on your face.


People envy you. They want to be you because you always take the healthy road. That person I see coming home from an early-morning yoga class, as I’m rolling out of bed and still in my PJs? That’s probably you. And the person who always willingly picks salad over fries? That’s probably you too.

fave pizza topping


But wait, my fave pizza topping isn’t on this list – who even am I? Listen, there are so many pizza toppings we haven’t covered here, both weird and wonderful. I could be here for hours. All I CAN say is: If you like the super weird stuff, like peas and tuna; what are you thinking? You should be ashamed of yourself. If you like any other pizza topping, well you’re OK in my books. Keep up the good job.

What ‘s your fave pizza topping? Let us know in the comments below.

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