Ramadan activities for kids in Kuwait!

Ramadan can be a joyous but also a stressful time for parents with children who just happen to have shorter school hours and a lot more free time. So what are the best Ramadan activities for your little ones?

Throw fasting parents into the mix and you have a whole other host of problems to deal with. This is why we’ve decided to help the parents out this Ramadan and give you a quick and easy list of places to keep the kids happy right up till iftar!

Paintball Kuwait: Admission

Estimated Savings: KWD4
Location: Sharq

Paintball Kuwait is bound to impress your older children and tire them out (which is what we’re aiming for here right?) Maybe even pull on a vest and join in because nothing says you love your kids like shooting them with some paint pellets.

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Casper’s Scare School: KWD10 Credit

Estimated Savings: KWD10
Location: Liwan Mall

This indoor park features a pretty cool rollercoaster and is completely based on the character, Casper The Friendly Ghost. Kids of all ages will enjoy this fun-filled day out so you parents can relax knowing your little ones are looked after and having the time of their lives!

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Bowl Station: KWD6 Credit

Estimated Savings: KWD6
Location: Yaal Mall

Get the whole family involved and spend a day bowling with the kids. Challenge them to some friendly family rivalry and let the games begin!

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eJoy: Admission

Estimated Savings: KWD10
Location: eMall

There are a plethora of activities at eJoy, it’s impossible for your kids to say ‘I’m bored!’ here. There are plenty of arcade and video games, a playground and the greatest prize counter ever. They even have the highest contemporary climbing wall in Kuwait for all family members to experience. So what are you waiting for, off you go!

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